The Trading Project

Trades shown are often less than three weeks and sometimes just a few hours. The trades are limited to futures contracts which have high risk.

The system used requires up to five, fifteen minute analysis periods for the trader per day.  Below are are snap shots from the account, The bottom one is the second day of the starting week. The snapshots show the positions, balance and margin used (noted as BP effect). 

The first trade was at the end of April 2019.

Even if the profits keep on going up, losing trades do occur.

Note the Overall P/L year to date. This is a running total, from the start in late April 2019.

Note the BP effect. This is the amount required to be in my account to have on the present positions.

Come by daily to see any updates that are posted. Sometimes there are more than one posts in a day.  The last is usually on top

In mid May Forex trading was started with a 10K account.

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