To demonstrate the concept, on October 10, 2019 the account was set up at TDAmeritrade with $4,000 to start. It is updated here. (Press F5 key to insure the latest uploaded update.)

The Stage 2 (Lenny) approach looks at the positions of stage 1 (Leo) and chooses which ones to take and how much to buy or sell. The objective is to create a superior currency management system for a stable crypto coin (always worth $1 with no price flucation and over 100% in reserves). Why?? Stable crypto coins are the future of money.....


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A stable crypto coin management system would have better per trade performance than what you see here. This is because of fixed cost impacting factors like, better bid asked spreads and lower interest costs.  Only a small portion of stable coin reserves would be used for forex trading to keep risk exposure low.

Little known fact: Forex trading is dangerous. It is possible to have a forex trading account with 100% winning trades that loses money and goes negative due to interest costs. Results here are due to applying proprietary technology to ever changing currency prices. Please do not try to do this yourself, without proper training.

This small account has high fixed trading costs from extra wide bid/ask spreads and high interest costs. Up to 95% of these high fixed costs will be eliminated with a multi million dollar account. Despite the up hill battle, our technology is able to generate the results shown.

Since a stable coin will have expenses, it will need a revenue stream. This can be accomplished by switching the reserves that are in fiat currencies. This is what is seen here. When the reserves exceed 110% then a dividend is paid to coin holders in the form of additional coins.

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