How to build a REAL crypto currency


Before we get into that...........what is the difference between the paper in your wallet and a a blank piece of paper?

Answer...............One of them you can pay taxes with.  One is a real currency that is generally accepted. The other is ........a wonderful piece of paper.


In order to have a Better Crypto Currency there are three things that are needed.

1)      It needs to be based upon assets that are widely accepted as a currency..........not just bits and bytes.

2)      It needs to be based upon very liquid assets..............that are an actual currency....or multiple currencies.

3)      It needs to be going up in value with little volatility.


For a currency to be internationally viable it needs to be respected worldwide. It will be used by small shop keepers in Africa as well as big banks in New York and everyone in between. It needs to be more respected than the US dollar. Using something like the International Monetary Funds Special Drawing rights would be a hard sell for a large percentage of the world population.

The suggestion is that it would be backed by a changing currency basket of only the major currencies. Generally speaking, currencies have the best liquidity amongst all asset classes. There is between three trillion and nine trillion in currency activity daily.

The third criteria is that the value of the cryptocurrency is on an upward trajectory with very little down draw or volatility. In order to meet the third criteria, the currency that is the dominant asset in the crypto currency basket needs to be going in a forecasted direction. This way the forex pairs that it is invested in, are increasing the value of the cryptocurrency. In order to invest in the currency pairs that are likely to provide a positive benefit for the crypto currency, all major currencies are monitored on a daily basis. When three or more of the major currency pairs are headed in the same direction the largest percentage of the total assets are placed in that pair.

At you can see that the major pairs are monitored on a daily basis and when the true for three criteria was met for the New Zealand Dollar was met from June 18 to June 25, the NZD pairs were the focus. Then on July second the focus was on pairs that included the Japanese currency, due to the fact that there were three or more pairs pointing in the same direction. The pairs in focus increase in value when there is a bias towards them, as can be seen.