New Lazy

Living in the Zone, with Effortless Effort

A Work in Progress

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Meanings for words evolve. There was a time when "cool" ment low in tempreture. Several years ago the meaning evolved to good. When something is outstanding it is now referred to as "sick".

When something is a comibination of effortless in appearance and outstanding in results it is now referred to as "lazy". It no longer reffers to behavior of a sloth, but of someone who gets things done.

Here on this site, the focus is upon the new lazy. You might find a lazy way leo makes a money by giving orders rather than taking them, how to get low priced drugs at a local pharmacy rather than going to Canada or how to effortlessly shoot three point baskets. In what we do we encourage you not to get bitten by sharks. If you encourage others to come and see the latest in laziness and send in lazy techniques others use, it is appreciated.