New Lazy

Living in the Zone, with Effortless Effort

Being Lazy the Right Way

When Dave, a software engineer for a major corporation talks, you can quickly get the idea that he is proud to be lazy. Its not the lazy by the lake with a fishing pole kind of lazy. Its a new super efficent kind of lazy.

His father started him on that path when his dad went to Daves first grade class and taught the students how to remember things easily by using Harry Loraynes memory techniques.

 Here on this website you will find lots of links to the new lazy way of doing things. After a while being the new lazy will become a habit for you and you will find you spend more time in what is often called "the zone."

Some you may recognize,  Mark Cubans app for dramaitcly improving your basket ball score.

In addition we are out to save the planet. We believe it can be done easily, without too much resistance, when done the lazy way. To save the planet we need to reduce all kinds of pollution. If you think about it this is easily accomplished by making birth control meds free all over the planet. Please spread the word.



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